Neurogram is a high-tech ecosystem to serve neurophysiologists and researchers, expanding the frontiers of neuroscience with resources beyond the conventional.


Through the Neurogram platform, it is possible to store and access EEG exams of various formats completely online. In addition, this platform provides physicians access to our algorithms that aid in the diagnosis of neurological diseases.


Through sophisticated algorithms, Neurogram drives clinical research by applying machine learning analysis to the EEG, identifying brain biomarkers. Our algorithms enable researchers to reveal previously inaccessible subtle brain patterns.


Through algorithms developed by our scientific team, Neurogram supports physicians in identifying neurological diseases and optimizes exam analysis. In addition, we provide significant insights to enhance more accurate diagnoses and explore possible therapies.


Daniele De Mari | Founder, CEO

Neuroscientist graduated from Georgia Tech. With four years of neurophysiology research experience, Daniele founded Neurogram in 2021 due to the need for better tools to inspect the EEG for both research and clinical neurophysiology. Daniele dreams of demystifying neuroscience and making it more accessible to the public.

Leticia Souza | Head of Research

Electrical Engineer from UTFPR, Leticia performs functions that involves the coordination and supervision of research activities, from receiving exams and diagnoses from physicians to analyzing research results. She is also responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of tools developed to maintain operational excellence and enhance the user experience.

John Johnson | Data Scientist

John earned a Bachelor of Science from Georgia Gwinnett College and later a Ph.D. from Georgia Tech, where he used EEG and fMRI to investigate the cognitive effects of wearing prostheses. At Neurogram, John applies his broad experience to develop innovative solutions that drive better clinical outcomes, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to improving lives.

Leonardo Canela | ML Engineer

Leonardo is a primary care physician but for the last 4 years he has been dedicated to Data Science and Machine Learning in Health, building artificial intelligence solutions that help health professionals and optimize patient care. He is driven by the multiple possibilities of technological innovation to positively impact health care and people's well-being.

Lucas Galdino | Neural
Data Analyst

Neuroscientist with a PhD in Psychobiology and a master's degree in Neuroengineering, with 8 years of experience in the analysis of electrophysiological data. Works at the intersection of physiology, computing, and AI. As a Neural Data Analyst, the primary value is to explore mental patterns in different states that may assist in diagnosis and bring insights from neuroscience to positively impact society.

Luciano Kagami |

Master and Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Specialist in computational chemistry, proteomes, general methods of bioinformatics and workflow automation, trained in chemistry and pharmacology concepts. At Neurogram, Luciano works on our Research Interface, integrating signal analysis tools with the web interface.


Fabio Katayama

Prev. CEO of Samaritano Hospital. Prev CFO of Oswaldo Cruz hospital.

Paula Gentil

Prev. VP @ Johnson & Johnson.

Prev. VP @ brain4care in Market Intelligence.

Kristina Subbotina

Prev. Associate @ Cooley. Prev Associate @ Ross Law Group


Vicenzo Zarpellon

Neurologist. PhD Candidate in Neurophysiology at Instituto do Cérebro.

Elaine Keiko | CMO

Neurophysiologist. Member of the Brazilian Academy of Neurology, the Brazilian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology, the Brazilian League of Epilepsy and the Young Epilepsy Section (YES - ILAE)

Daniel Marinowic

PhD in Medicine and Health Sciences with a concentration area in Neurosciences. Post doctor and researcher at the Instituto do Cérebro.


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