Welcome the new era of neurotechnology.

Neurogram is a high-technology ecosystem to serve neurophysiologists and researchers, expanding the neuroscience frontiers with features beyond the conventional

Clinical Neurophysiology

Beyond the conventional features to inspect an exam, Neurogram has an entire sector dedicated specifically to clinical neurophysiology. With a 100% online interface, a doctor can upload an EEG of many file types (.cnt, .eeg, .set, .edf…), visualize it from any device with internet access and share the EEG and their comments with other doctors (HIPAA compliant)!

Research Neurophysiology

An entire interface exclusively for research, full of features for pre-processing, data visualization and signal analysis that goes beyond the common EEG analysis methods! We included 3 different filter types, ICA, a 3D voxel visualization, and 5 different connectivity analysis methods all in one place!


We assist doctors in diagnosing the most dangerous neurological diseases in a few seconds. We developed an artificial intelligence able to detect epilepsy with 97% accuracy that soon will be ready in our platform. Stroke studies already started and there is much more to come.

Meet our team

Daniele De Mari | Founder, CEO

Senior neuroscience student at Georgia Tech. With four-years research experience in neurophysiology, Daniele founded Neurogram in January of 2021 due to the need for better tools to inspect the EEG for both research and clinical neurophysiology.

Leticia Souza | Data Scientist

Fourth-year Electrical Engineering student at Federal Technological University of Paraná. In Neurogram, Leticia develops tools to analyze EEG data, as temporal filters, connectivity analysis, 3D visualization, ICA and designs our Research Interface.

Melisse Cabral | Software Engineer Consultant

Graduated in Computer Engineering from Federal University of Ceará. Melisse is a Software Engineer working directly on fullstack application development with React and Python and managing the Cloud infra-structure on AWS.

Felipe Parreira | Software Engineer

Current pursuing masters in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Felipe develops the web application that exposes the functionality to the end users, integrating the front-end, the back-end and our cloud infra-structure.

Luciano Porto Kagami | Scientific Programmer

M.Sc. and D.Sc in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Expert in computational chemistry, proteomes, general bioinformatics methods and workflow automatizations with background in chemistry and pharmaceutical concepts. In Neurogram, Luciano works in our Research Interface integrating signal analysis tools with the web interface.

Douglas Lira | Junior Software Engineer

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Campinas and with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Paraiba. In Neurogram, Douglas works on the Research Interface creating new funcitonalities for brain signal analysis and visualization.

Harris Barton | Machine Learning Engineer

Fourth-year Computer Science student at Georgia Tech concentrating in Theory and Intelligence. At Neurogram Harris develops an artificial intelligence capable of detecting epilepsy in EEG exams.

Make neurology more accessible to people

Neurogram's goal is to develop tools that make people have greater access to neurology and neuroscience at an affordable price.

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